Sonny Sez, “We bring the food. You bring the drinks!”

Just say the word and we’ll hitch up our trusty Burger House mobile unit and bring everything we need with us to feed your hungry crowd of 50 or more with our classic, fresh, made-to-order burgers, famous fries and more! Nothing could be simpler!
Due to Covid-19 staffing shortages, we are not
catering at this time.
Please check back for updates.

Catering Menu

Your guests can choose from:

Burger House Burger

Burger House Cheese Burger

Burger House Chicken Sandwich

(Hot dogs on request)


Jack’s Famous Fries

Cole Slaw



First 50 guests: ALL for $650.00!

Cole Slaw

51 guests and over: ONLY $10 per additional person!

Minimum per Party: $650.00

The entire balance owed is due at the completion of the catering part of the party.

Catering Menu Contact

Reserve Your Party Date

Call 214-828-2732 or just submit the form below.
Please give us at least a couple weeks’ notice before
your party.

(Hot dogs on request)

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